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1984 was the year of change for the Donna Public Library in fact for the entire city of Donna. In that year the city hired a dynamic young man who would go On to serve as the Library Director for over 30 years. In the process he would provide additional services to the city as acting or interim City manager four times from 3 to 24 months each time. In addition he served as Assistant City manager an equal amount of time.  He also introduced and implemented the first PC based system for operating the Library as well as Citywide operations. The Library system would go on to be used by over 20 Libraries in the State of Texas including most of the Libraries in Cameron and Hidalgo County.
It began wit an impossible dream. Take a small public library that was considered the stepchild of the county and develop it into a leader in the area. To do so it required looking inside and identifying the purpose of the library and the dynamics of of a citywide cooperative project that included all city departments. It required identifying the specific needs of the library as well as the expectations of the community. In addition it required a major change ion attitude of what libraries traditionally had. It required educating the City Fathers, the Public and even Library staff as to what the role of the Library is.  This young man quietly behind the scenes changed the entire City of Donna. This is my story, a thankless history of which I am proud.  
Bruce Kalter.
P.S. This is only a small sample of the accomplishments I am proud of. To those City and Library people who have denied and misrepresented me and the work I did feel free to contact me and tell me to my face what you have said.
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